929 E 81st Avenue #1
Anchorage, Alaska 99518

929 E 81st Avenue #1
Anchorage, Alaska 99518

4am-4pm Mon-Sat
(closed Sunday)
(907) 562-3466

4am-4pm Mon-Sat
(closed Sunday)
(907) 562-3466



(Delivery fee applies)

raised donuts

Glazed Raised

Raised Donuts $1.65 each                   *Specialty donuts + 20¢

Bacon Maple Topped*
Blueberry Frosted
Candy Sprinkles
Cereal Topped*
Cherry Frosted
Chocolate with Peanuts*
Chocolate Raised
Cream Cheese Topped*
Cream Cheese Drizzle*
Dino Bones Glazed
Glazed Raised
Lemon Zest*
Maple Raised
Maple with Peanuts*
Mini Apple Fritters

Mini Cinnamon Rolls
Mini Cinnamon Twists
Mocha Frosted*
Orange Frosted
Oreo Topping*
Sugar Raised
Vanilla Frosted

Animated Characters $1.95
Smiley Faces
Lady Bugs
Pokemon Ball
Cookie Monster



cake donuts

Chocolate Devils Food Cake

Cake Donuts $1.65 each                      *Specialty donuts + 20¢

Almond Joy*
Banana Cake
Blueberry Cake
Buttermilk Bars
Cherry Cake
Chocolate Frosted Cake
Chocolate Frosted Devils Food
Chocolate Frosted Old Fash.
Coconut Cake
Coconut Crunch Cake*
Crumb Cake
German Chocolate Cake*

Glazed Devils Food Cake
Glazed Old Fashioned
Lemon Cake
Lemon Zest Frosting
Maple Frosted Old Fashion
Orange Cake
Peanut Butter Dev Food Cake*
Plain Cake
Pumpkin Cake (seasonal)
Red Velvet Cake
Strawberry Cake
Triple Chocolate*

filled donut

Raspberry Filled

Filled Donuts $1.75 each

Apple Filled
Bavarian Cream Filled
Chocolate Buttercream Filled
Lemon Filled
Mango Filled

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Raspberry Filled
Rasp & Vanilla Buttercream
Vanilla Buttercream Filled


Cinnamon Twist

Large Fancies* $2.95 each

Apple Fritters
Chocolate Bars
Cinnamon Twist
Maple Bars

Cinnamon Rolls
Cream Filled Bars $3.35

*Fancy donuts are individually priced and not included in the Dino’s Dozen.

MINi donuts $0.60 each

Mini Donuts are cute and delicious

pEBBLES $0.20 each

Cup of 25 Pebbles$5.00 each

Container of 20 Pebbles$4.00 each

JUMBO DONUT $16.25 each

Pre-order your Birthday or holiday jumbo donut by calling 562-3466

Choose from chocolate, maple, vanilla, cherry, blueberry, lemon, orange. Or choose from 7 colored buttercream frostings and candy toppings.